Where We’ve Been

We hope you enjoy browsing where we have been so far! Each map location is tied to a video and/or photo gallery and we will be adding more when we can! These travels are from October 2014 through present day.

Bothell, Washington
Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado, 80517

Sequoia National Park
Soledad Canyon
Buchanan, Michigan
Seattle, Washington
Dream Lake Natonal Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Grand Canyon National Park
Anza Borrego State Park
Elkhart, Indiana: RV Hall of Fame & Museum
Deception Falls (Washington)

skykomish, washington

Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Montezuma's Castle National Monument
Oakzanita Springs, CA
Saugatuk, Michigan: Sand Dunes!
Puget Sound
Flatirons, Colorado Hikes

Flatirons, Colorado

Scottsdale, Arizona
Julian, California
Sunset Cruise on Lake Michigan
Olympic Game Farm
Bartlett, Illinois
Old Faithful Geyser
Palm Springs, California
St Augustine, Florida
Olympic National Park
Denver, Colorado
West Yellowstone, Montana
Joshua Tree National Park
Chicago Architecture Tour
Dungeness Recreation Area

Dungeness, washington

Depoe Bay, Oregon
Houston, Texas
Quartzsite, Arizona
Newport, Washington
New Dungeness Lighthouse
Newport, Oregon
San Antonio, Texas
Sedona, Arizona
Spokane, Washington
Hoh National Rainforest
Yaquina Bay, Oregon
Spring Break in Montana
Bell Rock Pathway
Going to the Sun Road: Glacier NP
Arcadia Beach State Park State Parks

arcadia beach, oregon

Florence, Oregon
Lonoke, Arkansas
Cottonwood, Arizona
Glacier National Park
Oceanside, Oregon
Crater Lake National Park
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Tuzigoot National Monument
Great Sand Dunes National Park Natonal Parks

Mosca, Colorado

Tillamook, Oregon
Jedediah Smith State Park
LIVE Periscope Reveal
Louisville, Colorado
Cheyenne, Wyoming
Cape Meares Lighthouse State Parks

cape meares, or

Prairie Creek State Park
Little Rock, Arkansas
Salida, Colorado
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Depoe Bay, Oregon

depoe bay, oregon

Golden, Colorado: Winter RVing
St Clair, Michigan
Coalville, Utah

Coalville, Utah

Cobblestone Beach & Yaquina Head

yaquina bay, or

Yosemite National Park
Snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park
Lexington Harbor, Michigan
Boise, Idaho
The Grove

albuquerque, nm

Badger, CA: Sequoia RV Resort
Petrified Forest
St Joseph, Michigan
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6 thoughts on “Where We’ve Been

  1. I just wanted to say hello and that I found your channel last night. I am on to “Re-Hitched” Day 2. Watching through all of your videos. It is great seeing your progression and very motivational and inspirational as well! I am 33 and my wife is 38. We will be retiring early in March of 2016 and hitting the road full time in a Class B RV ourselves! It is so exciting and we can’t wait to get out there and network with other like minded people. Our family and most of our friends think we are crazy. We are looking at purchasing a new Pleasure Way Plateau TS. I was wondering if when you purchased your first RV did you not have any plans of full timing at that point? Also, I am curious how your 6 month plan is going? We have a year and 3 months to go, but at this point all we talk about is hitting the road! How are you dealing with the draw to just get back out there? I would imagine it is even worse for you as you have your whole rig already, I am sure the urge to just take off is very strong.

    We look forward to following along on your journey and we will be doing YouTube videos as well, but my wife wants to wait until we are closer to leaving as our jobs have no idea of our plans.


    • Donovan, this is the first I am seeing your comment!!! SO sorry! Firstly I think it’s awesome that you guys have this plan. Our friends and family think we are crazy too… LOL… a friend of mine recently said it scares people because our society is based on possessions as security, and we are ditching all of that. I’ve had so many people saying to me they could never do it because they “need more security than that”…. for us it feels very secure! We will have our jobs of our choosing to do on the road, a “home” we have paid for that no one can take from us, few possessions to worry about, and we have a great financial plan toward our retirement. Anyway, I digress… just know that other people who follow the typical American dream won’t get it. We like to say we are ditching the American dream for a great American adventure 🙂 …. To answer your question… when we purchased our first small trailer, no we were not planning on full timing. It was supposed to be for weekend/week long trips, mostly around CO, or taking the kids places for a few weeks in the summer. We took it on our honeymoon and it was then that we found out young people were doing this as a lifestyle and we just knew immediately that it was what we wanted. We cut our honeymoon short, came home, sold my car, bought a truck, and went to Indiana to pick up our bigger trailer.
      As for the pull of the road – it’s been hard!!! The biggest reason we have had to wait is we had a lease on a house that we had already prepaid for the whole year, AND we needed to make more money before leaving. But now we have only two months to go! We are almost done selling all of our things, then we will be doing our trailer renovations!
      I hope you get this reply and I’m so sorry I missed it. Feel free to email us as well at spotthescotts@gmail.com – Can’t wait to see you on the road!

  2. What do you do for work? how are you able to do this at such a young age? My wife and I want do this once we are retired. Our last of five is going to graduate in june. we hope to retire in 5 more years. enjoying your face book page look forward to more.

    • Hi Steve! Currently at home we work in real estate but it isn’t really going anywhere for us. In our research of how to get into this lifestyle we decided we need to work on developing multiple income streams. When we get home from this trip we will be doing some in-person things to make money to pay bills down, but we are also working on developing more ways to make money online. The thing is, we feel like it’s the same stuff we would be trying to do at home and this lifestyle is less expensive, so might as well take the leap and just do our best to make it work out. We may struggle a while, but we would have a worse struggle at home with more bills etc. We are going to be working on building our life either way so we may as well do it on the road!! Thanks for following along with us! We will actually be blogging/youtube-ing a lot about this very topic as we figure it out more and as we prepare to go full time in 6 months.

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