Fallbrook RV Resort – Houston, Texas

We needed to come to Houston for an extended period – close to three months – and we specifically needed to be near certain people, which led to our choice of Fallbrook RV Resort. There are several parks around the Houston area run by this company – Quality RV Resorts – but this one is closest to everything we needed to be near. We really had no idea what to expect. It is fairly new and only had one mediocre review online that we could find. However, the price was right and we needed to GO.

Well, we have been pleasantly surprised ever since we rolled in! The resort is large, clean and well kept with nice wide, even, paved roads. The office is run by extremely pleasant people, and the amenities are all just wonderful!

Office / Clubouse / Restrooms / Laundry at Fallbrook RV Resort

Let’s start with our site. It’s plenty wide, with a nice FLAT paved pad and picnic table provided. It’s so LONG that we are able to fit out truck, our 32 ft travel trailer AND our Subaru Forester. Pretty awesome!

Our site at Fallbrook RV Resort

Our site at Fallbrook RV Resort

Yes, this is more of a parking-lot style place. Not too many trees, although they have planted some that WILL grow and will provide more shade and privacy later. However, in a big city such as Houston, we aren’t expecting “woodsy”. There are areas further out of the city where you can absolutely have that – but on this trip, our priority was proximity to people.


Our site from a different view

The main building is where you find the office, personal mailboxes (which are FREE by the way!), clubhouse, 24 hour laundry facility and restro0oms/showers. I haven’t taken photos of everything, but I did cover those areas in my video of the facility:


The clubhouse is so nice – very cool in the Houston heat – with vending machines, fresh popcorn and coffee offered daily, an ice/water machine which we have used multiple times a day and have not bought any drinking water… a lounge area with LARGE flat screen TV, a pool table, shuffle board, a few pieces of work out equipment. One amazing feature is the computer room with three computers that are hooked up to high speed internet AND include printers and paper. There are also two separate printers for hooking up your own laptop. The laundry facility is commercial grade and very clean, as well as open 24 hours. For extra convenience, there is no need to lug quarters. You just purchase a laundry card that you can use on all the machines. Near the clubhouse is the trash area with four VERY large dumpsters, and a very nice bonus – a dog washing station!

Dog Washing Station

Dog Washing Station

There are also THREE designated dog walking areas throughout the park! It is a very dog friendly place, while staying nice and clean for everyone’s enjoyment.

Outside, at the back of the clubhouse is a nice patio area with rocking chairs and ceiling fans overlooking the  man made lake.

Rocking chairs on patio behind clubhouse

Rocking chairs on patio behind clubhouse

Looking down the other way, you’ll see the fire pit and bar at the other end:


This is one of two fire pits on the property – the other is down at the other end of the lake.

Gas fire pit by the lake

Gas fire pit by the lake

Right behind the fire pit is a very nice bar area complete with TV, seating area, ice machine and beverage cooler:

Bar area

Right around the corner from the bar is a grilling area! Two nice BBQ grills each with a set of burners next to it and plenty of prep space. These are for all guests to use!

Grilling area at Fallbrook RV Resort

Next to the clubhouse is the pool area. AHHHH the pool area. It is SUCH a nice pool!

Pool area at Fallbrook RV Resort ... Our Oasis

This has really been an oasis for us since we arrived. It was SO hot when we got here (mid 90’s and HUMID) so this was a great retreat. Surprisingly very few people come to the pool during the day, despite the resort being pretty full and there being a lot of people who ARE around during the day like we are. We’ve had it all to ourselves or maybe shared with 2-3 people at the most. One of the biggest benefits of this pool is that they treat the entire area surrounding the pool 3 times daily in order to maintain a “mosquito free zone”!! So far I can say I have found this to be true!! There is music playing around the pool (so far always country, which is great for us) and there is a very nice hot tub. Brian loves the fact that there are two long benches in the pool to sit on, and we love the shallow end which is not only great for kids but is a nice spot to sit or lay and be in the water without swimming when you just feel like chillin’ out.

The first two weeks here it was VERY hot… but once it cooled down to the upper 70’s, low 80’s the water got kinda chilly. No more swimming for me 🙁 Then, suddenly…. this sign appeared…

Hallelujah!!! :-D

Hallelujah!!! :-D


We had been here for 3 weeks now and have nothing but positive things to say. We have been comfortable and well taken care of whenever we need something. We feel this is an excellent place for a long term stay and would be equally comfortable for a short term stay as well. In the North Houston area, this is a great choice. Although not in the safest area, if this is where you need to be, don’t stay anywhere else! They have a security fence around the entire property, and codes are required for both drive in and walk in entry. We have felt very safe and it has generally been very quiet.

The Scotts give this RV Resort 4.5/5 – the only thing lacking for us is a more woodsy atmosphere but that just isn’t possible in this area. So if you take that out of the equation we would give 5/5. To recap, these are the amenities offered:

  • Security
  • Convenient Location in North Houston
  • Free Personal Mailboxes
  • Dog Walks and Dog Washing Station
  • Clubhouse
  • Computer Room and Printers
  • Nice Clean Restrooms and Showers
  • Relaxing Patio
  • Lake
  • Fire Pits
  • BBQ /Cooking / Bar Areas
  • Pool (Heated in Winter) and Hot Tub  in Mosquito Free Area
  • Wide Flat Roads and Sites
  • Clean and Comfortable
  • Helpful and Friendly Managers


Road Food: Tacos A Go Go

Tacos A Go Go in Houston, Texas

Tacos A Go Go in Houston, Texas

Tacos A Go Go was recommended to us by Marie of Ardent Camper. We decided to give it a try, oh, pretty much RIGHT when we got into town! It is located in an area of Houston known as The Heights.

It’s a cute little place where the food is served cafe style (order at the counter, they bring out your food). Brightly colored and fun interior, nothing fancy… but you just know you have found the good stuff!

Fat Kids Excited to try New Food :-D

Fat Kids Excited to try New Food :-D

We shared chips and guacamole as an appetizer. The chips were warm and extremely delicious, obviously freshly made and the guacamole was absolutely perfect.

Brian had slow-braised pork tacos that he could not stop raving about as well as an amazing little dish called “Totchos” – Nachos made with tater tots instead of chips!!

Brian about to enjoy his Totchos


Totchos and Braised Pork Tacos for Brian, Fried Beef Tacos for Christie

Totchos and Braised Pork Tacos for Brian, Fried Beef Tacos for Christie

had deep fried beef tacos – however I was so full after chips and guac that I didn’t make it very far. We both through the rice was extremely good – to me it tasted exactly how my Mexican BFF Makes it – and the beans were quite tasty too.

Christie's deep fried tacos with rice and black beans

Christie’s deep fried tacos with rice and black beans

We left the place full and happy and already dying to go back. Can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the chips and guac especially since I can’t stop thinking about them.

In conclusion – The Scotts give Tacos A Go Go 5/5 – go there! The fat kids like it 😀

The Scotts Give Tacos a Go Go 5/5

The Scotts Give Tacos a Go Go 5/5



Spot The Scotts in Houston, TX

We have arrived in Houston, Texas after several weeks of VERY hard work in Denver trying to wrap up matters with my father’s estate. We had to get two properties on the market, put things in storage, etc and it was quite a lot of work.

We also discuss a little bit of a summer wrap up – we learned that we should NOT go so fast next time 🙂

We are basically very tired after everything we have been doing. April/May of this year we were moving out of our big house and selling everything we own. June, we were renovating our trailer. July 4th my dad passed and we had SO much to get done in the next couple of weeks before our summer trip. Then the summer trip was GO GO GO exhaustion, covering 10,000+ miles in just 5 short weeks. Once home, we had 3 more weeks of work to do handling my dad’s estate. Emptying houses, going through things, filing thing, making calls, getting things put into my name – we were constantly busy.

Now that we are in Houston we are trying to decompress a little and enjoy a little relaxation. Get some sleep, spend some time at the pool. Although we are here due to some legal issues within the family, we are going to try to turn this time into something very positive. Focus on us, our health, our businesses, get caught up on things, etc.

Soon we have a video to share of the place we are staying, which we are very happy with!

We hope to visit some surrounding areas while we are here such as San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Galveston, South Padre Island… but it depends on what finances will allow right now.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Scotts!

The High Prairie Long Haul

So our life and its circumstances have led us to the wonderful world of Houston, Texas. I have to admit that Houston would not normally be one of our “go to” spots to visit, but with the passing my Father-in-law, some family issues have come up that require us to stay in Clutch City. But the journey to the balmy and wonderful land of oil is what concerns us now. So let us begin…

The Scotts anxious to get movin'

The Scotts anxious to get movin’.

In a galaxy far fa-, wait no, let me start over. Our journey begins in the wonderful town of Golden, Colorado in a not so wonderful RV park (which will remain un-named). Our trip southeast could have taken us on one of many routes, but I opted out of the fast “Interstate Route” down I25 to 87 to 287, and chose to take I70 East out of Denver, and cutting down through the wide open high prairie on HWY 287. I chose this route as I wanted the flattest route possible, but did not want the hubbub of taking the interstate through bigger cities. Also, the speed limit on HWY 287 is a smooth 65 mph, perfect for the ever-cautious RVer. Christie and I decided that it would be best for her back and both of our sanity to break up this sixteen-hour drive into four days. In case you didn’t already know, everything takes longer when you’re in an RV. A four hour day quickly turns into a six hour day with fuel stops, potty breaks, (both for Mamma Bear and the animals) and snack and food breaks.

Our Walmart site in Lamar, CO

Our Walmart site in Lamar, CO

Day 1 brought us strolling into the Walmart parking lot in Lamar, Colorado around 6:30 or 7:00 in the evening. It was rather warm outside, and subsequently hot and stuffy in the trailer, so we opened all the windows, set up our small generator, and turned on the fans to air out our mobile sauna. While the sweat lodge was airing out, we decided to cool off and walk around the Walmart and look at all the stuff we didn’t need or want, but it was soooo cool inside. After about 45 minutes of pointless wandering in the everlasting A/C, we grabbed a Redbox movie and headed back out to our home on wheels. Dinner was made, the movie enjoyed, and we were off to bed. Now, I hate being hot when I sleep. HATE IT. I’m the kind of person that has a fan blowing on me in the dead of winter. Don’t get this twisted, I don’t need the white noise, I NEED TO BE COOL. I find that nothing is worse than waking up sweating into my Tempur-Pedic pillow. I hate it. Having said that, the night spent in Lamar was dreadfully hot and sweaty, for all involved.

Brian and Phoebe hot napping

Brian and Phoebe hot napping.

Lucy took over the driving duties while Brian was checking his Facebook

Lucy took over the driving duties while Brian was checking his Facebook.

Day 2 started by Christie and I wringing out our sheets, desperately wanting Starbucks, and with 3 days left in our trip. We rolled out of Lamar cranky and deprived of our caffeine fix, and headed south through the rolling prairie. Another 6 hours of driving through rolling nothingness and big skies took us through the Oklahoma panhandle and into the Lone Star state, stopping in Amarillo for the night. Due to our sweat bath from the night prior, we decided we would stay at an RV park. With hook ups. WITH AIR CONDITIONING!! We found a very nice place named the Amarillo Ranch RV Park. This was your normal gravel parking lot style north Texas RV park with mostly pull thru site and full hook ups. The facilities were nice, and clean, and our little A/C unit roared all night, keeping me crisp and comfy in bed. Christie froze.

Phoebe riding with Christie and enjoying the A/C

Phoebe riding with Christie and enjoying the A/C.

Day 3 began with me chiseling the wife-popsicle from my side, and having a nice breakfast. After a quick fuel stop we were once again hauling thru the wildly flat northern grasslands of the largest state in the lower 48. As we get further and further south, the heat and humidity worsens, forcing us to shorten our snack and lunch breaks. As the evening approached, I realized that I had made the horrible mistake of not calling ahead and reserving a spot at a local RV park. Stupid me. So we roll into Decatur, just north of Ft. Worth, with no place to stay, and every park we find is full. Stupid me. For the second time we found ourselves camping out in a Walmart parking lot, with no A/C. We placated ourselves with Pizza Hut and the Blacklist, but we still had a horribly sweaty and uncomfortable night. Thank God we would be done Friday afternoon.

Christie with her new camper shwag

Christie with her new camper shwag.

Unless you're the lead dog, the view is always the same.

Unless you’re the lead dog, the view is always the same.

Day 4 we awoke covered in sweat and determined to get to our final destination and bask in the glory of our Dometic air conditioner. With the end in sight we got a small case of barn fever and rushed through our day to come cruising into northwest Houston around 2:30 in the afternoon. The one thing you need to know about Houston drivers is this: 80 mph is the new 55 mph. And they let you know it. I highly recommend staying in the second from the right lane on any highway (when towing or driving your rig) as people are nuts when merging on from the feeders and don’t really care that you have upwards of 5 tons pushing you down the freeway giving you about a mile and a half of stopping distance. Having said that, we made it to our new temporary home alive and checked in at the Fallbrook RV Resort. FRR is run by Quality RV Resorts (they have 3 separate Houston locations, and 1 other location in San Antonio), which really describes the facilities…Quality. With oversized avenues, very large pull thru sites, well kept grounds, heated pool, hot-tub/whirlpool, man made lake, and many other guest amenities; FRR welcomed us with open arms. The managers, Sean and Amber, are very nice and accommodating and very knowledgeable of the surrounding area.

The office and clubhouse at Fallbrook RV Resort.

The office and clubhouse at Fallbrook RV Resort.

Our HUGE pull thru site accomodates all three of our vehicles!

Our HUGE pull thru site accomodates all three of our vehicles!

With the High Prairie Long Haul finally behind us, we settled in, cranked the A/C, and made dinner. We did learn a couple lessons from this trip: First, setting a realistic limit to driving really helped break the monotony of the drive itself. We were not in any hurry, so we were able to set a four or five hour limit to our daily drive time. This especially helped Christie as she has 6 herniated discs in her back and long drive times really tear her up. Secondly, always, always, always plan ahead and reserve a spot, unless of course you would like to sleep in a convection oven.