Our Home On Wheels

Our current home on wheels is our 1989 Airstream 345 Motorhome – AKA “Elvis”



When we first found Elvis, we were full-time RVers living in a new Montana fifth wheel. We did NOT need a 2nd RV for any reason… but when we saw it, we could NOT pass it up! We originally purchased it mainly for its coolness factor and with intentions to renovate it/modernize it as a project for our YouTube channel and ultimately sell it for a profit.

Well, things change!! LOL! We ended up loving it SO much. The quality is amazing, the furniture is oh-so comfy, people LOVE to see it rolling down the road, ask us questions and can’t wait to see inside. The layout has been incredible for us whether it’s just us, us and the kids, or us and some guests who want to come along.



One of our favorite things about it is the amount of windows. You can just sit anywhere in it and enjoy views all the way around.


We’ve been in love with this thing since the day we found it. We love it, the kids love it and as you can see, the pets love it too.


Our friends seem to think it’s pretty cool, too πŸ™‚


(Our friend Mike of Duet Justus)

We decided we love it SO much – more than our fifth wheel – and now that we also have a house and we aren’t full timers, this is the only RV we need. We turned out to be motorhome people and LOVE all riding together in this and being able to sit different places, fix a snack, take a nap etc instead of being crammed in the truck all day. So for now, we have decided to sell the fifth wheel and take the Airstream on all of our adventures.

It’s mostly weekend trips throughout the year now but we will be having some longer adventures over the summer. Over the next few years we will make some changes and fix it up a bit so it will be capable of being on the road full time in about 5 years. Well, unless things change again. Ya never know!



Check out our previous rolling homes!

We had THREE other RV’s before Elvis and each one gave us a lifetime of memories.


Meet Mavis, our full time home for a year on the road: Mavis: Montana High Country 340BH Fifth Wheel

Before Mavis, we lived in Dorothy: Our 2008 Crossroads Sunset Trail 30BH

Before Dorothy, we cruised around in The Biscuit, our 2015 Jayco Jay Flight SLX 184BH

16 thoughts on “Our Home On Wheels

  1. We just bought a truck that came with a gooseneck setup. We are just about to start our journey as full timers. We dont even have the fifth wheel yet. I have two questions: 1. It looks like your fifth wheel has a gooseneck connection, did you add that or did it come that way. We are having trouble finding a way to put a fifth wheel hitch over the gooseneck. Does it bounce around alot with that type of connection? (I guess thst makes 3 questions)
    2. How do you like your Montana? We are looking at those but a little smaller, no kids or pets. I am more concerned about quality, this will need to last us, well basically forever!

  2. Hello, I used to be an RV’er and we are thinking about getting back into it again, I saw you go from a small TT, to a bigger TT, to a 5th Wheel, and now you have added a older airstream. My question is what is the new airstream going to be used for. I love the 5th wheel and priced one out this week at RV wholesalers, I just wondered what your thoughts were so I can make a fresh new decision if/when we buy. v/r Big Al-N-AK

    • Hey there Al! Thanks for leaving us a comment! Originally, we purchased the Airstream as sort of a pet project. We planned to renovate, make videos along the way, and sell for a profit. Unfortunately it sustained massive hail damage that really brought down the value just a couple of months after we purchased. Now, we are traveling in it and we are loving it SO much, we think it’s about to become our primary rig for travel, with us selling our fifth wheel soon!
      Which type of rig, and new or used, etc is such a personal decision and very much one of preference. We recommend really taking your time while looking around and thinking through as many of your normal activities as possible when trying to select the right rig for you.
      Thank you and happy travels!
      – The Scotts –

  3. I just started following yall and yall are an adorable couple. My husband and I have decided to start full timing in October.we are a military family so won’t be really traveling much but I’m excited either way. In the mean time I’ll just watch your videos and imagine I’m there lol

  4. Welcome to Chicgao traffic. We just spotted Mavis on I94 going through the loop!!! Enjoy the journey!!!

  5. Gorgeous F-450 and Montana 5th wheel!

    I notice that you are currently not using any support pads for your 5th wheel jacks.
    We are currently looking for bloggers/avid RV’ers to test and review our RV jack pads.

    Please contact myself if you are interested in a free trail.



  6. Hey Guys,

    I really like the custom bed on your new truck. Do you know which company it came from?
    Love your videos.
    Stay safe.

  7. HI! Your new fifth wheel is beautiful!!
    I hope you are doing well. We re taking good care of Dorothy.
    You really kept her up.
    Please email me a personal email if you can.
    I have a quick question to ask.

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