Spot the Scotts Weekly Blog Update #1

Starting a new segment here on Spot the Scotts – a weekly blog update!! Since videos are always so behind, we thought it would be fun to put out a little weekly update so you can at least know what we are up to, and share a few pics. Then when the videos get caught up to that point, the rest of the photos and videos will be shared. So I guess it’s like a preview in a way, but we hope it helps to keep some of you from worrying that we’ve fallen off the face of the earth 🙂 So here’s our first weekly update, in real time!!

For those who don’t know, recently we bought Connor his own Jeep! it needs a lot of work, but that’s the whole point – the guys want to work on fixing it up together. They have finally started digging in and their first big project is replacing the radiator. They got a good start on it this past week, ran into a couple issues but hope to be finishing it up this week!



As far as the Scott ladies, we had a little shopping to do as we have signed Racey up for basketball camp the last week of June! I took her out to get some basketball shoes. When the guys work on the Jeep, we like to do some planning in our Happy Planners! It’s so much fun to combine decorating with the practicality of keeping up with our busy lives and it’s something I really enjoy doing with her – it’s great to have a planner buddy!!




Prince seems to be adapting just fine to our family. He’s such a family cat. He follows the kids around, wakes them up in the morning and just loves to get love from them. He loves to get love from us too, at the most inopportune times, sprawling all over our work when we are at the table or shoving himself into the crook of my arm when I’m working at the computer. He’s also taken a liking to bothering us a mealtime… lol… he’s luck he’s so cute. We love him!



Also in case you missed it although I did post it on our main instagram, my sweet Phoebe had to be put down recently. She was nearing 15 years of age and had gotten down to barely over 3 pounds and became very weak until one day she was barely able to walk and we decided it was time. It was so hard to let go but I held her in my arms and made sure her final moments were all about the love and snuggles which were her favorite things in life. I miss her so much!!!


Last Tuesday evening we had a little family outing to The Hub, a family entertainment center in our town. It offers Go Karting, Laser Tag and arcade games. Brian & the kids ran three races on the Go Karting track and had fun as always. The kids enjoyed a bunch of arcade games to win tickets, while Papa Bear and I mainly played air hockey… we had such a blast!! It’s so close to our home so it makes an easy and fun outing. If the races were a little cheaper we’d go every week!



Finally, we enjoyed a spectacular little getaway to Glacier National Park this weekend!!! We were lucky enough to take more than a weekend this time, leaving Friday and returning today (Tuesday).  I’ll just cover the weekend in this post and leave Monday for next week’s post!!

Friday was our trip up – we did as much packing as we could on Thursday night so we could get there early enough to enjoy our campsite and have a little vacation style relaxation before diving into our weekend activities. We did, however, go into the park that first evening so we could hit up the visitor’s center and get Racey’s Junior Ranger packet!



We stopped in West Glacier on the way back to the campground because Racey really wanted pictures in “The Big Chair” – basically a giant red Adirondack chair 🙂 I took the opportunity to snag some family pics 🙂



Saturday was kayaking day!! We’ve always loved beautiful Lake McDonald when we have visited Glacier and we were delighted to find out that you can indeed kayak on it! The weather was coming and going the entire time, so we didn’t stay out for more than a few hours, but we had a great time. We decided that our lunch that day would be a floating picnic which turned out to be really fun. The kids are getting better and better at paddling and we hope that by the end of the summer we will be paddling longer distances! Despite being cold and windy we did have some sunny times and the views here were just spectacular.






On Sunday, we drove to the other entrance of the park so we could visit St Mary’s Visitor Center and get another National Parks passport stamp. The park is so big that getting to that other side is about a 2.5 hour drive! We planned to drive the Going to the Sun Road in its entirety like we did last year without the kids, so we could share it with them. To our surprise, it is still being plowed and very little of it is open!! We drove what we could of it and enjoyed the views, stopping at various scenic overlooks. It was again cold and windy, the coldest day of our trip, so glad we spent most of it in the car 🙂 We plan to bring the kiddos back up on a day trip sometime in July so we can drive the entire road with them.




That’s it for this week!! Plenty more to share next week and we thank you for hanging around with us! This has been a tough and busy few months, but we’re back, catching up on things and planning to be much more active with Spot the Scotts. You should start seeing new videos again this week and 5-6 new videos per week for the next month!! See you again soon!