Peek Into My Closet

As we were getting ready to hit the road again, we had to put a few things away and I took the opportunity to take some pictures of how my clothes are currently organized. Mind you, this doesn’t even get into everything… but I just wanted to share πŸ™‚

We just have a small closet on each side of the bed, with a nighstand underneath. The closet is so short, I can’t even hang my shirts in it. We elected to use shelf organizers (from the kids organization section at WalMart, $6) and cut them down to just 3 sections. We did this a while ago, but had our clothes folded. For me this just didn’t work, they got messed up so easily. Now, I’m rolling mine (Brian continues to fold) – not only does it stay more organized, but I find I can fit much more.

Rolled Clothes Stored in Closet Organizer

Rolled Clothes Stored in Closet Organizer

These are only tops… tank tops, t shirts, blouses and cardigans. That little bag at the bottom of the closet holds hair accessories. I have a couple of hats placed on top of the organizer. My pants, dresses, and jackets are in the cabinet above the bed – also rolled – but are in kind of a disarray and I didn’t photograph them. It’s stuffed full though!

I also purchased some drawer organizers from Amazon that I used for my smaller clothing items – socks, underwear, bras and PJs.

Socks, Undies, Bras and PJs nicely separated and organized

Socks, Undies, Bras and PJs nicely separated and organized

Underneath the closet there is a night stand which extends all the way back. Kind of a dead space for me that isn’t going to get used for much. Just so happens that the organizers fit there perfectly.

Organizers stored on night stand

They have yet to go anywhere as we drive! Only downside is my cat likes to squeeze in there and sleep on them. So far this system is working great for me! One of these days I will try to share the bedroom as a whole and how we have it ALL organized, but I hope you enjoyed this snippet.


Chief Hosa Campground – Golden, Colorado

Our Site at Chief Hosa Campground

Our Site at Chief Hosa Campground

We have stayed two pleasant weeks at Chief Hosa Campground – although their address is Golden, it is actually just a mile outside of Evergreen, Colorado (and a good 10-15 mins to the center of Golden).

This is our favorite kind of place – woodsy and quiet. Although not super convenient to where we really needed to be (North Denver), but then, convenient and quiet rarely come in the same package, right? We didn’t have much of a choice anyway since our time in Colorado was not really planned ahead of time. When my dad passed away we knew we were going to have to come back to Colorado for a while after summer break with the kids was over. I made reservations as soon as we knew that, but already it was too late to get anything in town for Colorado in August/September. It just wasn’t going to happen! So we ended up out near Evergreen.

We had a good 45 min to 1 hour drive every day up to the area where my dad’s two properties are… but we really didn’t mind too much. The peaceful, quiet campground was a super nice place for us and we would stay again for sure.

Our Full Hookup Site Near Showers

Our Full Hookup Site Near Showers

There are only 3 sites here with FULL hookups – others have electric and water but not sewer.Β  The camp hosts get one of the 3 full hookup sites, so really only 2 of them are available to campers. We did manage to get one of the full hookup sites, and it is also right next to the showers. Showers, though, are coin operated to the tune of 25 cents per 2 minutes, just as an FYI. We did finally start using our own shower in the RV because this was getting expensive. There is no laundry. While not officially a state park, this is quite similar to one. There is a two week maximum stay there.

We were very comfortable there. The weather has been amazing and we have enjoyed lots of time sitting outside our trailer while cooking or reading. Of course, a lot of our time has been spent in town working on my dad’s properties… but if we had more downtime, I am sure we would have enjoyed a lot of it at the campground.

Daily Hikes along the Chief Hosa Loop

Daily Hikes along the Chief Hosa Loop

We made a habit of daily hikes as well on the trail that comes right from the campground, which is called Chief Hosa Loop. We would take Lucy with us and enjoy this as a nice daily hike (I won’t call it a walk because it has quite the little uphill climb to it). Great exercise in a beautiful location – we definitely consider this a plus to the campground!

Lucy LOVED our daily hikes in the woods!

Lucy LOVED our daily hikes in the woods!

Overall we give it a 4/5 just because of the paid showers and lack of laundry – but we love it and would absolutely stay again. Also, the staff was very friendly. We have another week to stay in Golden but this park has a two week maximum. We wish we could stay and we are sorry to leave!

Bye Bye Chief Hosa Campground :(

Bye Bye Chief Hosa Campground :(

An Unexpected Loss Changes Our Plans

Us Scotts know all too well that anything can change at any time. Both of us have experienced great losses. Brian has lost three children… I have lost my mom and our son. I have to say though, I just didn’t see this coming.

On July 4th, my Dad passed away.

My Dad (Bob) and I were very close. We always have been, but even more so over the last four years since the loss of my mom. It was going to be so hard for me to be away from him with us starting our full time RVing lifestyle, but he was also incredibly supportive of us following our dream. He was looking so forward to keeping up with our photos and videos, and visiting us every month or two wherever we might happen to be. I think, maybe, I was looking forward to that even more than he was. Something I can say about both of my parents is that they made everything better because of how awesomely they reacted to it. My enjoyment would have been increased by them sharing in the joy with me. I am so sad to have lost both of them now.

On the 3rd of July, my dad said goodnight and went off to bed as always. He never said he didn’t feel well and he didn’t alert us that anything at all was unusual. We had been living with him these past couple of months while we were getting the trailer ready. On the 4th of July, we woke up late – we never sleep that late, but we weren’t sleeping well the night before and we both took sleep aids. When we woke up so late and found out that he wasn’t awake yet, Brian said I should probably go check on him. I had that little nagging worry – especially with his history of heart attacks – but I tried to stay calm and tell myself not to be silly, he would be fine.

Unfortunately, I found him already gone. We made the call, Brian performed CPR, the ambulance came, but I knew from the first minute I saw him that it was too late. The coroner eventually came and informed me that most likely, my dad had a heart attack in his sleep.

I was numb. Completely numb. I know I cried. My aunt and grandma showed up. I made phone calls. I don’t really remember a lot of it. I called a few close friends. It’s only been a few short years since I made the same call, to the same people, about my mom. The reaction from them this time mirrored pretty much my own. Seriously? NO! How can this be? Not again!

With my mom I cried and cried, but with my dad, I have experienced a profound numbness and sadness. Now it’s not only about the loss of my dad, the person… but the fact that I no longer have any parents. I’m a 32 year old orphan. It’s a completely bewildering, lost sort of feeling. I feel aimless and alone in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a wonder family. My aunt and grandma, above… my wonderful husband… my stepkids… my cousins… my extremely close friends, who are basically sisters to me. Even my wonderful inlaws. But nothing, no one, can take the place of my parents. Especially such amazingly good ones. They left a very large hole. There is so much guidance, support and love that I will be missing out on for the rest of my life. I’m no stranger to this… I know I will be okay. After losing my mom 4 years ago and our infant son one year ago, I know that I will get through this. I know I will continue on with life, be happy, enjoy my life with my husband. I don’t believe, in any way, that life is over. But, a very big and important chapter is behind me. I will miss it, and I will miss my Dad so very much. My best friend Sarah flew out on the 4th of July to comfort me and support me through getting ready for the funeral. My cousins flew out for the funeral. We had an extremely nice service at the church my dad and grandma attended together.


That night my husband Brian, my best friend Sarah, my cousins Laura and John Mark, and myself all went out to a nice dinner so we could actually spend some time talking about Dad, sharing memories, and having a nice time. Even though it was the same day as my dad’s funeral, it ended up being one of the best nights of my life. It was truly good, down to the core, spending that night with these most special people. It lifted my spirits.


My cousins had to get back home to Houston and return to work, but it was wonderful to spend that time with them. Sarah was able to stay with me, which I am so grateful for. I needed her!! A couple of days after the funeral service, we returned to our special spot in the mountains where my mom’s ashes and our son Everett’s ashes are both spread. I knew that is what Dad wanted, too. My family came up there, including Brian’s parents, my aunt and grandma, my husband, and Sarah. We all said a few words and had our moment there and spread Dad’s ashes. At Sarah’s wonderful suggestion, we brought this leafy floral arrangement from the funeral service, in the shape of a cross, and placed it there where we spread the ashes. It went so beautifully with the environment, and I think it was the perfect thing to remember it by. I love this picture.


Now, how does this change our plans? We have summer plans with the kids and we can’t just drop them. Not only because we have reservations everywhere that we would lose money on, but also because we only get to see the kids on school holidays and we – and they – have been looking forward to this for months. We need to make it happen. Unfortunately, I have a lot on my plate. As Executor, and sole surviving heir, everything is on my shoulders and MUST be done by me. I need to stay in Denver a little longer.

We are skipping the first week of our Summer Itinerary, where Brian and I were going to spend some time alone in Bozeman, MT. He is going to go out and pick the kids up just a couple of days later than originally planned, then skip Glacier National Park. They will travel out to Oregon and end up arriving there at the originally scheduled time. I will be flying out to Portland July 24th so they can pick me up. I’ll miss some of the trip, but I’ll be there for most of it. This way I can take care of the many, many things I need to do before I go. Luckily, I will have Sarah with me too until the 23rd, so I won’t be all by myself.

Here is our video on the subject…

<div align=”center”><iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe></div>

As for what happens with our RVing AFTER this summer trip, I don’t know yet. We will still be doing it, but we have to come back to Denver first and finish taking care of some very important things. We now have a HUGE storage unit FULL of Dad’s stuff that we have to deal with, a house to sell, legal matters to take care of, tons of papers to go through, just so many things. We are definitely going to Balloon Fiesta, but will be in Denver until then, and possibly after. A lot is up in the air for right now. I guess we are already “full timers”, because we will be living in it, but we may not be very mobile for a little while.

I seriously don’t know what I would do without my best friend and husband. They have been rocks for me through this. I miss Dad so much. I can’t be alone right now without crying. I know it will get better, but this is going to be a tough one for quite some time. Thanks for listening out there.

I keep thinking of the things I am glad for. He got to see the trailer almost completely done and he loved it. We got to hear him watching our YouTube videos. He got to see when I cut my hair short. He was there for our wedding. He held Everett after he died. But I also keep thinking of all the things he won’t be here for. Our future kids. Our RV travels. Everything that is yet to come.

Miss you so much, Dad.


An Almost-Complete Trailer Tour

We’re almost there! Window boxes are up, backsplash is completely done, and we even have decorations up!! We are at the point of touch up painting, cleaning up and attending to minute details. We are almost ready to call it Home.




I promise to do a post later on with official “before and after” shots from the right angles and whatnot… this isn’t the same angle as the photo above, but just want to give you a reminder of what the trailer looked like when we started!!



Here’s today’s video update!

Summer 2015 Itinerary

This summer we get to spend FIVE WEEKS with the kiddos. For those who don’t know, Racey and Connor are Brian’s kidlets and they live with their mom, so we only get to see them on school vacations. We are SO excited to get to spend five whole weeks with them this summer and take them to a lot of amazing places. I can’t wait to see them enjoy this, and we will enjoy it more because they are with us!!

We are visiting numerous National Parks – in the summer – so this required a lot of advanced planning. We had to make sure we could find a place to stay in each location and everything has to be planned and reserved. We typically like to fly by the seat of our pants a little more and just decide things as we go, but since we have no choice but to do these things with them in the summertime, we must plan ahead and we must be ready to deal with crowds. It just comes with the territory! For the most part we were able to get everything we wanted, but we weren’t able to find anywhere to stay in the Death Valley area, so we extended our Grand Canyon stay.

Here’s a breakdown of our planned itinerary.

July 10th – Departure Day! We leave Denver.

July 11th-16th – Bozeman, MT. A little “pre-vacation” time together for hubby and me πŸ™‚

July 17th – Pick up the kids!

July 18th – 19th – Glacier National Park, Montana

July 20 – 22: Driving to Oregon

July 22 – 29: Depoe Bay, Oregon

July 29 – 31 : Medford, Oregon & Crater Lake National Park

July 31 – Aug 2: Redwoods National Park/ California State Parks

August 4-7: Yosemite National Park, California

August 7-10: Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks, California

August 11-16: Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

August 16-19: Driving back to Montana, with a stop in Colorado to visit family

August 19-22: Yellowstone National Park, Montana

August 22: Take kids home

August 23- Sept 9: Stay in Yellowstone just the two of us, after that is undecided!

We are so excited to be able to take the kids to experience all of this in one summer. Heck WE are excited to experience all of this in one summer! It will be pretty nonstop so we are calling it the Western Whirlwind tour… and I’m sure it will be one of those vacations that you need a vacation after, lol! That’s what that extra time in Yellowstone will be for us πŸ™‚

Trailer Reno… Icing the Cake

That time has come. As Brian likes to say, we are icing the cake πŸ™‚ Everything is coming together and all those little finishing touches are going on.

Over last few days Brian was working with our friend Greg to create the window boxes for the trailer. We used to have these funky, curved window valances. They have built us new, straight ones for a more modern look.


Old Curved Window Boxes, New Straight Ones

Thank goodness Greg had a nice garage for us to work in and tools for us to use πŸ™‚ We are at the point we have gotten rid of everything, so this was very helpful. The guys did a great job, too!


Window Box Construction


Brian and Greg Upholstering Window Boxes

Once they were all built, it was time to upholster them! They are padded a little with some batting, then the fabric is wrapped around and stapled on. We used the arrow fabric for most of the windows, but we chose to use the diamond fabric in our room since the ones in there will be against a teal wall already. Here are all the window boxes and an arch, ready to go! We brought them with us so we can start icing the cake!


Finished Window Boxes and Arch, Ready to Install

They look fabulous. Meanwhile, last night we got the text from our friend Jessica that the cushions were done, so we have brought those along too! How awesome are they?


Jessica’s Finished the Dinette Cushions!

Now to actually put everything up so we can ooh and ah and be all happy with ourselves, lol. So here’s what we were looking at to begin with. Nice dark wood done, nice green wall done, but it sure doesn’t look homey or complete, does it?


Let’s add the cushions, shall we?


That’s better! What will it look like with the window boxes??


Oh yes! That is going to be AWESOME! THANK YOU Greg, Laura, and Jessica for everything. We needed some help! Brian decided it was time to do the backsplash. It is the last BIG thing left to do! First he peeled off the remaining wallpaper border…


Then started carefully adding the first tile squares. By the way, these are vinyl peel and stick Smart Tiles. They are incredible.


He cut very carefully around corners and took his time to get the best results. If you are curious about the installation process and what he did, there is more in the video at the bottom of this post. πŸ™‚




I am so proud of Brian. He tackles things he has never done before with gusto, and he always does a really nice job. I could watch him work all day.


Looking awesome, right?! But, I couldn’t watch all day. I had lots of little finishing touches to do, too. Easy stuff, but time consuming. Firstly, I got our bed all made. Have to say, that really made our room look homey and inviting.


Now pretty much all that’s left to do in our room is the window boxes and some finishing touches like Command hooks and pictures. I also made up the kids beds. Have I mentioned I hate bunk beds? πŸ˜› Good thing we make the kids make their beds on a daily basis. If I had to do it every day, well, I wouldn’t. Ha! We found this pretty cheap bedding at Wal Mart…they are those Bed-in-a-Bag sets in the college dorm section. One twin and one full, although these bed sizes are a little odd, it worked out. Looks great with the walls!!


I found those awesome baskets at Target and got them for the feet of their beds as a place to throw things throughout the day, so that their stuff isn’t all over the trailer (hello from the future, a month later I can say, it’s WORKING!)… anyway, the beds were looking awesome, but they needed a little something…


Bam! Now I’m happy. Brings a little of our accent color around to this side of the trailer and makes their beds look a lot more fun with this pop of color πŸ™‚ I also finally decided which pillows to put on the couch, and added one to the dinette as well (there’s another one at home so each dinette bench will have one!)


By the time I got all of this squared away, Brian was pretty much done with the backsplash. All that’s needed tomorrow is the little bit of tile up high next to the microwave. It’s starting to look pretty fantastic in here, if we do say so ourselves! Messy of course, but we can SEE IT now πŸ˜€


Here’s our video walking through all of this… with more detail on the Smart Tile installation and a little tour around how everything looked at the end of the day πŸ™‚ We are ALMOST DONE!!

Painting Done…Our Colorful Space

The word of the day is “touch-ups!” There are lots of them needed…. but, don’t even care… because WOW! We love this place!! It’s really starting to come together now that we can see the doors and hardware on in all of the rooms. We couldn’t be happier with the bright, fun colors and how it makes us feel when we are in the trailer. It’s really feeling like HOME!

The only spot left that looks like the “old” trailer is the kitchen where the Smart Tile backsplash is going to go. We are VERY excited for that one! It will be like the frosting on the cake πŸ˜€

People think we are crazy picking these colors but WE are happy with it! We love it πŸ™‚ For the record, I AGREED with the colors but they were Brian’s idea. I LOVE color, but blues and greens are not really my favorites usually… I wasn’t sure about this. Now that it’s done though, I am thrilled that I went along with it. I love how happy it feels πŸ™‚

Caribbean Blues & An Unusual Island

We’ve been working so hard that we haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with what we are doing, so you’ll see quite a bit of progress in this little update. In the beginning of the video we just started painting the blue in the bedroom, and by the end we pretty much have the entire trailer painted!

UntitledWe picked out a couple of beautiful Caribbean blues to go with our neon green. We used the darker of the two shades in our bedroom and the bathroom, and we used the lighter one around the slide and on two small living room walls. We couldn’t be happier with our color palette!! It makes US happy! Untitled

I know we have talked a bit in the videos about our fabrics but we never seem to have them in our possession so I’ll share them now in case we haven’t. We picked out a total of four fabrics (all from Hobby Lobby). These two are from the large upholstery rolls and we picked them out for the dinette booth (but will also use the diamonds one on the window boxes in our room)…

UntitledWe then picked out these two from the regular cotton section although these are called “duck”, whatever that means… they are thicker and feel more like the upholstery fabrics (can you tell I know nothing about fabric?)… the arrows will be used for all of our window boxes and the map fabric will be used for our curtains! Untitled

Super excited that our lovely friend Jessica is helping us out with the dinette cushions and the curtains!!!

Brian’s Fathers’ Day consisted of wandering Home Depot and coming home with this giant tool cart…

UntitledWhy on earth would a guy who’s moving into a trailer get one of these, you might ask? It’s not a toy hauler, there’s no garage, what on earth are you going to do with this? Well, my hubby does like tools and working on cars and things, but where the magic REALLY happens is the kitchen. His tools of the trade are kitchen tools! So meet our new Husky kitchen island πŸ™‚ Untitled

He was super excited to find out that the utensil dividers we already had (from the Container Store) fit perfectly in the top drawer. We are going to be able to fit SO much in here!! It also solves our magnetic chalkboard woes – now it can just be a chalkboard and we can use magnets to hang things on the kitchen island πŸ™‚ It looks great and it is actually less deep than our other one was, and longer as well so allows more prep space. It works great in there!


Here’s the bathroom color: Untitled

And the kids’ bunk area!


It’s really coming along and we are just loving it πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming along on this renovation adventure with us! We hope you are enjoying it as much as we are!

Memorial Tattoos for Everett

Today is the one year anniversary of the day our sweet boy Everett was born, and unfortunately, also when he passed away. He was born a day shy of 19 weeks, too early too survive.


Beautiful Scrapbook Page of Everett, made by Laurie Bridges


Stencil of Brian’s Tattoo

Of course this has been a very sad thing for us, but a year later, we are recovering and we felt it was time to do something in memory of him. We both like tattoos and have several already, so we knew we wanted to get some for him. Brian decided on a very complex design with the Celtic Tree of Life, featuring Everett’s (actual size) hand and foot prints. Here he is getting the stencil.
Work being done by Carl Sanders at Celebrity Tattoo in Lakewood, Colorado. He was referred to us by a friend and he does great work!


Work Begins on Brian’s Tattoo


Brian ended up being in the chair about 3 1/2 hours with the complexity and size of this design – but it was definitely worth it. This is an extraordinary tattoo… very happy with it!



Whew… looks awesome and he is very happy. I think this is a beautiful tribute to Everett. Mine is a lot more simple. I knew I wanted to use his footprints and I wanted to have angel wings to represent where he has gone. I also have angel wings already on my Mom’s memorial tattoo which is in the same location on the other arm. Carl came up with this design and I really liked it, especially the size which was bigger than I’d planned.


Stencil for My Tattoo

I chose blue, although not one of my favorite colors, to represent my little boy. I do think I might want to add a pink heart later, for me πŸ™‚ But I am loving how this turned out!! I love having these important tattoos on my arms where I can see them daily and remember the people I love so dearly that I have lost.


My Finished Tattoo (still wrapped!)

We feel that getting memorial tattoos is a cathartic thing for us and it really helps to bring some peace and closure. As we talked about in the video at the top of this post, we also have to get some peace from the fact that even though things haven’t gone the way we have planned, our life is now going in a direction we are really happy about. If everything had worked out, if Brian’s kids were still here with us, if we had Everett, if our career in real estate went well… we might not be leaving. And of course, all of those things would be happy things and we would be happy about them… but, we are also embracing the silver lining and choosing to be excited that life has brought us here, to this decision to get out there, get mobile and see things and live in the moment. πŸ™‚

Green Slide YAY, Magnetic Chalkboard FAIL

If you check out the video you will get to see the completed green slideout box – we LOVE IT!! – and hear a little about our plans for the curtains and window boxes (don’t have any pics of that to share just yet.)

Here’s how our beautiful Green Neon slide turned out!


Happy, bright Green Neon slideout!! :-D

The next project on our list while the green paint dries is to attempt our magnetic chalkboards. We want the entire side of the pantry to become a magnetic chalkboard, as well as the two small inset panels on the freezer door. Since we have been so happy with Rustoleum so far, we decided to try their Magnetic Primer, and the plan is to then paint chalkboard paint on top of that.


Demon Spawn in a Can

Firstly folks, this tiny little can is HEAVY with a capital H. No, all capitals, because it’s that heavy. I guess that makes sense, with all the magnetic properties is supposedly has. However, you probably won’t want to hold the can… pour some into another container. Just a hint, in case you dare to use this… except…. don’t. Seriously, don’t use it. It sucks!!

I started off just fine with the little panels on the freezer door.


Ignorant Bliss

Look how happy I am! So innocent to the troubles that lay ahead! I noticed it was a bit drippy so I switched to a bigger brush, thinking that was my problem, when I started on the larger chalkboard.


Magnetic Primer on side of Pantry… my poor carpet!

Nope. Nope nope nope!! Oh my gosh I will never ever use this paint again. I tried a bigger brush and even a roller. All I got was INSANE DRIPPING. Look at my poor trailer carpet πŸ™ That will never come out! Now, I’m not THE neatest painter in the world (just ask my poor husband), but I don’t drip like this normally. It’s like the paint is SO heavy, it can’t stay on the brush. I tried to get as little on my brush or roller as possible, but it was still a giant mess. It got all over the carpet, the rest of the floor, and the brown frame we already painted around the slide. HATE.

To make matters worse, it’s barely magnetic at all. Even after Brian saved me and did two more coats on top of it, it will barely hold up a magnet at all, let alone whatever you wanted to hold up WITH the magnet.

If you watch the video at the top of this post, I express pretty vividly how I feel about this paint.
Especially since it nearly ruined the kitchen sink when washing out the brushes and paint container – all of which, by the way, had to be thrown out because they wouldn’t wash out!

Just don’t. πŸ˜›