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Hi, we are the Scotts – Brian, Christie, Connor & Racey.

Brian & Christie are a thirty-somethings couple with a love of the outdoors, adventure and the open road. Nothing makes us happier than going for a drive and we love stopping along the way to take photos or just experience something new and wonderful. Connor & Racey are our fun-loving teenagers who enjoy coming along whenever they possibly can to enjoy National Parks, hiking, snowshoeing, kayaking, camping, photography, well pretty much anything.


We are currently house dwellers and not full time RVing – for now. We definitely have plans to get out there again. Here is our story!

In 2014 we took our honeymoon in this little 18ft travel trailer (The Biscuit) we had purchased for weekend trips. We enjoyed our road trip from Colorado to Seattle, down the coast through Washington, fell in love with the Oregon coast AND fell in love with RVing. so much so that we decided we would like to be FULL TIME RVers! We cut our honeymoon short and went to purchase a bigger travel trailer across the country.


In 2015 we became full time RVers in our travel trailer named Dorothy. After an involved remodel, two deaths in the family and a lot of major life changes, we were more than ready to become full timers and enjoy life on the road. We started off with an incredible summer with the kids covering 10,000 miles in 5 weeks and hitting 7 National Parks.


Oh, by the way, we LOVE National Parks. We kinda have a thing for them. We collect our pins and passport stamps along the way, while Racey loves earning Junior Ranger badges.



In 2016 we enjoyed our time in a new fifth wheel, our Montana High Country named Mavis. We rallied with other working-age full time RVers in Quartzsite, Arizona and spent more time exploring the desert. After a spring in Colorado, we spent the first half of our summer in Michigan, Indiana Illinois, then we took the kids through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and back toMichigan. We all loved the Upper Peninsula – especially Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pictured Rocks.



Fall 2016 was spent in Colorado Springs which was just gorgeous. We spent Christmas in Montana with the kids.

January 2017 we rallied with RVing friends again in Quartzsite, Arizona – this time sporting a new home on wheels, our classic 1989 Airstream 345 Motorhome. We made some amazing new friends and even had a camping afterparty in Lake Havasu.


Life happened. Circumstances changed and our amazing teenagers became a full time part of our lives… instead of full time RVers, we would now become full time parents. This meant settling down in a home WITHOUT wheels for a few years here in Montana. Can’t think of a better reason to stick around for a while than these two amazing kids.


So, that’s how we went from house dwellers to avid travelers to full time RVers and back to house dwellers again!!! We’ve had to remind ourselves of one big important thing…. it’s LIFE that is the adventure!!!

Right now we may not be traveling as much, but we are living life as full as we can and enjoying every moment with these kiddos, while hitting the road as a family whenever possible. We’re looking forward to lots more trips and once these two are grown we plan to go full time again in our Airstream, finish seeing the rest of the US and even RVing around Europe for a few years.

Thanks for getting to know us and we hope you’ll come along with us on this ride called LIFE! 🙂

15 thoughts on “About the Scotts

  1. We spotted the Scotts in Denver yesterday on the way to. Colorado Springs! We do a lot of RV’ing and hope to be full time soon! We have a 2007 Coyote Hybrid, sleeps 10. We foster and have kids of our own, totaling 9 kiddos! 3 are in play pens and they all fit! We would love a fifth wheel, but no such vehicle exists that would haul the Allens and pull one 😂. Love what you’re doing! Happy travels!

  2. Hi, Love watching you guys. My husband and I are currently downsizing and really wanting to start RVing. We are apprehensive about going fulltime. We would like to work on the road and currently working on some options to hopefully finance our journey. However, we are still worried about the financial cost of living and traveling. Do you guys have any pointers? I think we probably just need to take the leap. We aren’t young but we aren’t old either. Want to experience it all!! Thanks for showing us it can happen. Safe travels.

    • Thank you so much! It’s a lot of work to downsize and it can be nerve-wracking for some to make the leap. The only pointer I can really think of to say is just like regular life it’s money in vs money out. Come at things from both ends, making more and spending less. I would say the biggest difference is that there are more variables to consider. Like gas, you don’t know how it will vary from month to month, and RV park expenses, and propane, repairs on the RV. But, that doesn’t vary much from home life if you think about it…. home repairs, vehicle repairs etc. So if you’ve figured out how to plan for those surprises, you can do the same on the road. Over-estimate gas and RV park costs and budget for those each month. Any extra, roll it over, so when you have a higher expense one month you have a little extra there. Hope this helps!

  3. I just started watching your videos today. You guys are hilarious and very informative. I plan to go full time RV living later this year.

    I WANT TO MAKE YOU AWARE OF A PROPOSED GOVERNMENT REGULATION SEEN ON “REGULATIONS.GOV”. This proposal is to classify RVs as not suited for permanent housing as manufactured homes. The proposal will classify RVs as for recreational use only, thereby banning full time RV living. Go to a YouTuber “DirtPatchHeaven” to see their latest video on this topic.

    Please go to Regulations.gov to submit a comment of why you are against the classifying of RV this way. There are 3 more days available to comment.

    Thanks guys, and keep the videos coming.

  4. Hello Christie and Brian,
    Love your Youtube channel. Wanted to pm you but too stupid to figure it out. Needed to tell someone of Tiny House Prepper’s video this morning about making it illegal to fulltime rv or live in a tiny house fulltime. I figured you could get the word out. Only have until April 11th. Hope you read this and hope you got the Silver Bullet. I LOVE it and personally wouldn’t change a thing. I’m one of those people that like to see things left original if in pristine condition. But seeing what you did with Dorothy I know it will be awesome. Thank You!

  5. Hi Brian & Christie,

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    I am also planning to feature your recipe in the future blog post and gives you an appropriate link credit. I’ll leave my email below and let me know if it is fine with you.

    Thank you so much!!!

    • That’s wonderful, thank you so much and that sounds great to us 🙂 Brian doesn’t consider himself an expert as we just started using the Instant Pot and we are still learning, but he is happy to help in any way!

  6. Hi Scotts,
    I have been watching your trailer progress on Facebook and clicked over to the blog to see the full story. I noticed that your first trailer was the same model we have! I am jealous of your real bed. We ended up with the small trailer for the reason you did, owning a small SUV (ours is a Toyota FJ Cruiser).

    Enjoy your trip west! We just returned from ours and just can’t get it out of our heads! We are ready to hit the road! If you have any questions, let me know–it looks like we went to several of the places you’ll be hitting.

    Happy travels,
    Kerri (from Travels With Birdy)

    • Hi Kerri and thank you so much for the comment! We do have a real bed now but we had the table bed in the Jayco! We loved that little Jayco though, it’s such a great trailer. Thank you so much for checking out our blog!

  7. Hi Christie – You left a comment on our old blog (www.twosporks – now http://www.naturephotoguides.com/travel) and I just saw it as I was shutting down the old website. I am so sorry for never responding! We wish you the best of luck in your full-timing adventures. We have now been on the road for two, month-long trips and it has been wonderful. I am glad we didn’t wait until we are older to do this. We hope to see you on the road!

  8. Hello Scotts!

    You left a comment on our instagram so I decided to check you guys out, great to find out you are fellow RVers and also newlyweds.

    My wife Rosanna and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years now, but we just got our first RV a few months ago, and took about a month long trip to Arizona from Michigan. We got back to Michigan just as the snow hit, makes us wish we were back in Arizona. On the trip we actually stopped a few days in Colorado, beautiful state and one we want to explore more.

    We also are working towards hitting the road full time. We are always looking for new RV friends. Hope we can keep in touch and maybe we can cross paths somewhere in our travels.

    Happy Travels!

    Lance and Rosanna
    YOLO RV Travelers

    • Hey guys and thank you so much for writing! I was excited to find you guys on Instagram. I just love this community of travelers! If you get a chance to come back to Colorado before the end of June, we should be here. If not, I hope we cross paths too!! We do plan to be spending thanksgiving to New Years here each year as well. Let’s keep in touch on our journeys!!

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