Did You Spot Us?? Let Us Know!


Hi! We’re the Scotts!!

We are traveling around in this classic 1989 Airstream 345 Motorhome!

We LOVE travel, RV’s, National Parks, road trips of all kinds, kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing and just spending time as a family or couple and enjoying life together. We love trying new things and making an adventure out of anything we can. We live in a land where most bad things are learning experiences, most accidents are happy and every cloud has a silver lining 🙂 After all, the only constant is change!

We have had QUITE the roller coaster of adventures and change in our short time RVing. We’ve had several rigs (that’s our RV’s, if you aren’t familiar with the lingo) and we’ve gone from being newbie casual RVers to FULL TIME RVers and back to house dwellers who get out in their classic rig whenever possible.



We’ve really enjoyed seeing the country (but there’s SO MUCH MORE left for us to see still!) and meeting everyone in the RV community along the way. Our life circumstances have changed and we will be living in Montana for the next few years, taking both RV trips and plane trips whenever possible. We plan to be full time RVers again come 2021, finish seeing the US and we also hope to spend a few years RVing Europe.


For now we try to take the lessons we learned as full time RVers and apply them to our stationary life. We emphasize quality time and family time over work time and we try to follow our dreams and create our own life goals instead of going with the norm and what is expected of us.


If you’d like to learn more about who we are and our story, here’s the About The Scotts page.

If you’d like to see inside our rig and the other rigs we’ve had, check out the page Our Home On Wheels.

Be sure to check out the MAP of our TRAVELS to see where we’ve been and it will link you to photos, videos or blog posts from each location.

We are not the best bloggers but we do post all over the web about our adventures!

We post lots of videos on our YouTube channel and lots of pictures on Instagram.

We share updates on our Facebook page and sometimes we tweet things on Twitter.

We tend to be behind (this social media stuff is a lotta work!) but if you want to stay more up to date on our daily lives, check out our Patreon page.

Thanks for stopping by! Where will you spot us next? 🙂


Amazing light painting photo by Stacey Quimby of Pau Hana Travels