What’s Happening w/ the Scotts?

For those who are confused by our videos jumping all around, I’m so sorry.
Let me explain in case you’ve missed it.

January 30 we were in Lake Havasu celebrating Kali’s birthday. Later that day, Brian received a phone call which pertained to his kids and he flew home to Montana immediately. I needed to drive to Colorado alone so I could be there for another egg retrieval cycle for our planned surrogacy. We had to abandon our Airstream and we were SO fortunate that our dear new friends Michael & Jenny of Duet Justus could drive it to Phoenix for us for repairs. Brian and I then spent the entire month of February apart. The kids were living with Brian in our new house, which we had already purchased prior to these events. We had originally planned to stay in it half of each year when we had visitation with the kids.

I was staying in Colorado with our friends Laura & Kimberly and going through egg retrieval. We started sharing SOME vlogs during this process, but had not yet caught up on Lake Havasu vlogs. So it’s been confusing here on the channel jumping around, trying to share real-time updates of what was going on, while also catching up from Arizona because we had SUCH amazing times there!

We left off with videos on the day Brian flew in to see me in Colorado and we had some meetings with the surrogacy agency and
our surrogate. I’ve taken a HUGE break from YouTube since we came back together here in Montana…
Brian was gone for a week while he picked up our Airstream in Phoenix and drove it back. Since then, we have been furnishing a house again, parenting teenagers, trying to settle in, get organized, empty and sell our RV. I was so tired from hormones after the egg retrieval that I wasn’t accomplishing much. Now I’m back, feeling good, have caught up on Havasu vlogs and would like to share everything else I haven’t had the chance to share.

SO, I’d like to put this timeline together for those who have had a hard time following, and share the videos IN ORDER. I’ve made them and put them up at different times, but this is the order they should REALLY be in. Hopefully this will help to make sure you haven’t missed one and that the timeline makes sense πŸ™‚



Now I’ll be picking up with Feb 17th, our next set of vlogs after our day we spent together meeting the surrogate etc.

I’ll be catching up with events throughout February and March and then finally sharing our videos from our family trip to HAWAII over spring break, March 18-25 πŸ™‚

THANK YOU for hanging in there with us through the confusion and the time periods without videos, and we hope soon it will all start to make a little more sense. Once we get caught up, we have LOTS of plans for the direction to take Spot the Scotts now that we are not traveling full time…. and we can’t wait to share with you! We will still be traveling as much as we can and spending the summer in the RV, but we also have lots of other great plans and we look forward to living a new dream with The Scottlets! πŸ™‚

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