Our Blog’s Purpose

Hey everybody! Long time no blog updates from the Scotts! In recent months, we’ve seen an explosion of activity on our YouTube channel and our counts of followers have gone up drastically on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s so hard to stay up to date with a blog on top of all of that – “vlogging” on YouTube has really become our main thing. While we still want to share pics and would love to write about everything we do also, not only is it a lot of extra work but it starts to feel a little bit redundant.

If you want to stay up-to-date, we highly recommend following us on Facebook and Instagram. They are the most “up to the moment” as far as where we are and what we are doing. YouTube tends to trail behind a few weeks, but also offers the most in depth look into our lives.

This has led us to want to start a new purpose for the blog…. the “where we are and what we’re doing” thing seems to be covered. So what do we really want to do with the blog?!

Firstly, I took our blog off the main page of our website… so spotthescotts.com is not now our “blog”, it is our website which takes people to everywhere they need to go to learn about us, and the blog has become a sub-page. Not the main focus.

I’m hoping to make a shift to more helpful, topic-based articles. These are the types of things I know I like to read. Top 10 RV gadgets. What we use most in our RV kitchen. What hiking gear we pack in our RV. How we plan our RV routes. How we chose our tow vehicle. How we chose which RV we are living in. Maybe some how-to’s. Getting good internet on the road. Making money on the road. Budgeting for travel life. Apps and technology we use to aid in our travel life. Relationship tips for RVers. I’ve been seeing great articles floating around, ones I wish I had written… discussing RV types and choosing one…. discussing what younger RVers really want in an RV that manufacturers are ignoring…. etc etc.

Needless to say the wheels are spinning, and I’d really like to start gearing our blog toward relevant “topics” such as these. A lot of times they may accompany a video that we make, as well, since YouTube is our focus. That being said, I do want to fill in with pics and videos of some of our favorite places we travel. I just don’t want to kill myself trying to “keep up.” So instead of highlighting every place we go, they may end up in “top 10” lists or things like “best campsites we stayed at this year” or “our favorite National Parks so far”…

Hope this will start bringing great, fresh new content to the blog that our readers will enjoy 🙂