Spot The Scotts in Houston, TX

We have arrived in Houston, Texas after several weeks of VERY hard work in Denver trying to wrap up matters with my father’s estate. We had to get two properties on the market, put things in storage, etc and it was quite a lot of work.

We also discuss a little bit of a summer wrap up – we learned that we should NOT go so fast next time 🙂

We are basically very tired after everything we have been doing. April/May of this year we were moving out of our big house and selling everything we own. June, we were renovating our trailer. July 4th my dad passed and we had SO much to get done in the next couple of weeks before our summer trip. Then the summer trip was GO GO GO exhaustion, covering 10,000+ miles in just 5 short weeks. Once home, we had 3 more weeks of work to do handling my dad’s estate. Emptying houses, going through things, filing thing, making calls, getting things put into my name – we were constantly busy.

Now that we are in Houston we are trying to decompress a little and enjoy a little relaxation. Get some sleep, spend some time at the pool. Although we are here due to some legal issues within the family, we are going to try to turn this time into something very positive. Focus on us, our health, our businesses, get caught up on things, etc.

Soon we have a video to share of the place we are staying, which we are very happy with!

We hope to visit some surrounding areas while we are here such as San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Galveston, South Padre Island… but it depends on what finances will allow right now.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Scotts!