Finally Brought Our Trailer Home!

We have been waiting and waiting. We purchased our trailer a while ago but had to wait a couple of weeks for the necessary additions to our vehicle so that we could actually tow the thing! Today we finally got to hitch up and bring it on home.

She's Home!

She’s Home!

We had a lot of issues with Camping World and with getting the work done on the RAV4…. but that’s a story for another time 🙂 One issue we do still need to deal with is the sagging back end of the car. Although it’s safe to tow this, the weight is fine, etc… it definitely pulls down the back end of the vehicle. We have heard that an airbag rear suspension system will take care of this problem. We got a pretty cheap quote from 4WheelParts and have it scheduled in about a week, before we take her out for her first mini roadtrip & camping adventure. Can’t wait to see if it fixes the problem. We hope so!! In the meantime we will start outfitting this thing with everything we need…. kitchen stuff and storage solutions especially.

Until then…